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Company Overview

For over four decades, Pyramid Time Systems (formerly Pyramid Technologies) has provided cost-conscious time keeping solutions for businesses of all sizes and from a variety of industries.

Headquartered in Meriden, Connecticut, Pyramid manufactures products that range from simple, inexpensive mechanical time recorders to sophisticated time and attendance solutions and GPS synchronized wireless clock systems. We carry a number of accessories to support our payroll time recorders, including: card racks, badge racks, and time cards. In addition, our clock line ranges from simple and inexpensive commercial wall clocks to networked digital system clocks. We offer a variety of ceiling or wall brackets, security mounts, and batteries to accompany our clock systems.

 Pyramid Time Systems Headquarters, Meriden, CT

With a skilled design and engineering staff, we can assure that our product quality is cutting edge while still maintaining cost savings for our clients. Customer satisfaction is Pyramid’s top priority, and our friendly customer service group can provide continuous support via e-mail, telephone, live chat or fax.

Pyramid's products are sold through a nationwide network of independent dealers, wholesale buying groups, and local online retailers.