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Q. I forgot my user name and password. What can I do?

A. The default log in is User Name Admin, Password PTI.

If you changed your user name and password and you don’t remember it, please call
Customer Service 888 479-7264 Opt 1.



Q. Does my clock have to be connected to my PC or network at all times for it to work?

A. No, it will take and store punches without being connected. You do need to have it connected during the initial set up and to download punches.


Q. How do I assign a card in TimeTrax to an employee?

A. On the Employee Detail Screen, enter the card number in the Card #1 field and click save. If an employee loses their card, enter a 2nd card number in the Card #2 field and click save.



Q. How do I deactivate an employee in TimeTrax?

A. On the Employee Detail Screen, click edit, check the inactive box and save.


Q. I have No Recorders Found, what should I do?

A. Please visit our Knowledge Base info under " No Recorders Found".


Q. I can’t pull up any archived reports. Why?

A. You must approve your payroll details after every pay period in order to archive reports.


Q. I am having trouble editing a punch. Why?

A. You can only edit a punch if you are editing an incorrect AM punch to a correct AM punch or an incorrect PM punch to a correct PM punch. If you need to edit AM to PM or PM to AM, please delete the incorrect punch and insert the correct punch.


Q. Can I reuse swipe cards?

A. Yes, but not until the card has been unused for 3 full pay periods and there are no longer punches associated with that card in the Current, Previous and 2 Prior Pay Periods.


Q. My employees are punching in, but I can’t see any punches. What can I do?

A. Check to be sure the punches have been downloaded and make sure the pay period hasn’t been approved on the payroll details screen.


Q. Is the TimeTrax software multi user, because I would like to put it on more than one computer?

A. Our software is a single user software and should not be installed on multiple computers or a server.


Q. Can I create custom reports in TimeTrax?

A. TimeTrax does not have the capability of creating custom reports.


Q. If I unplug my time clock, will it lose time?

A. No. All of our clocks have a 30 day battery backup.


Q. Does my clock come with a technical support contract.

A. Yes. Your clock comes with 90 days of free technical support from the date of purchase.  Please call us (888-479-7264) to renew your technical support contract before your 90 days expire, so you can save $50.


Q. Does my clock have a warranty?

A. Yes. Your clock comes with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.

Click Here to view.



Q. I lost the key for my time clock. How can I get another?

A. You can order the keys on our website or by calling customer support at 888 479-7264 ext. 1.

If you have the Pyramid 4000, 4000HD, 3500 or 3700, the part number is 41479K.  Click Here to purchase from website.

If you have the Pyramid 2600, the part number is 2600K. Click Here.

The keys are 2 for $10 including the price of shipping just enter the word keys into promo code area.


Q. What ribbon does my clock use?


A.The 3500, 3700, 4000 and 4000HD use the 4000R ribbon.

     The 3600, 5000 and 5000HD use the 5000R.


Q. How do I install a ribbon on my Pyramid 4000?

A. To view our how to video on Youtube Click Here


Q. Do you sell ink in any colors other than black?

A. No.


Q. Can the 4000 be set up for any pay cycles other than the ones in the book?

A. No. At this time, the pay cycles noted are the only ones available.


Q. If I unplug my time clock, will it lose time?

A. No. All of our clocks have a 30 day battery backup.

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