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Find the time & attendance solution that best fits your needs.

Time Clocks

Commonly referred to as a "time recorder" or "punch clock", easy to use time clocks are a practical and reliable way to track employee time and attendance.  Packed with automated features, every time clock reduces the time it takes for employees to punch in and out while eliminating tedious payroll tasks.    LEARN MORE ›

Automated Time Clock Systems

Automated time clocks capture time & attendance accurately, streamline your business processes, and provide robust tracking reports. Every one of our systems are Windows Microsoft Software based, eliminate paper time cards, and integrate with all major payroll providers.   LEARN MORE ›

Multi-Purpose Document Stamps

Need a printed record of time and date? For easy document tracking and time validation, document stamps can do the job. Also referred to as "time stamps", these particular time clocks allow you to simply insert your document, form, or letter for an instantaneous time-date imprint.   LEARN MORE ›


Intuitive and reliable time and attendance solutions optimize employee time, maintain accurate time records, and promote efficient productivity in the workplace. Every solution is easy to implement, simple to use, and able to manage tedious time-keeping tasks.

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