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MERIDEN, Connecticut - Pyramid Time Systems® announces the release of its new TimeTrax Sync™ white LED Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Digital Clocks geared specifically to the Education and Healthcare environments. The new white LED option rounds out the current color selection of red and blue LED Power over Ethernet digital clocks. PoE-enabled digital clock models continuously receive power and time data using the IEEE802.3af standard over a single Ethernet cable, making them an ideal synchronized timekeeping solution for Ethernet-rich facilities, such as schools and hospitals.

“The addition of the white LED digital clock series effectively meets the needs of large-scale public facilities by providing a highly visible, and aesthetically pleasing synchronized time source,” says John Bechara, Director of Client Services. “Pyramid Time Systems is committed to meeting the timekeeping needs of the core industries we serve through product enrichment,” adds Bechara.

Besides aesthetics and visibility, white LED light may also offer some additional benefits to facility constituents. According to a Harvard Health study, blue and white lights are beneficial during daylight hours because they boost attention, reaction times, and mood.

The white LED digital clocks are available in two size/digit formats; 4” digit, hour/minutes (00:00), and 4” digit, hour/minutes/seconds (00:00:00). The extra-large 4” digits and non-glare polycarbonate lens provide up to 250’ of viewing distance for long hallways or expansive areas. A software interface (TimeTrax Sync™ software sold separately) enables network settings, NTP server selection, custom Daylight Saving Time, and universal or individual time source/zone selection.

The clocks include 12 Hour (AM/PM) and 24 Hour (Military) time format modes, PM indicator light, and feature a sleek, low profile black ABS bezel. An anti-theft bracket is included for safe and secure wall mounting.

Pyramid’s PoE digital clock system ensures continuously updated time, is simple to set up and easily expands. TimeTrax Sync™ PoE Digtal Clocks are proudly made in the USA, come with a 30-day money back guarantee, and 3-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Pyramid Time Systems TimeTrax Sync™ PoE Synchronized White LED Digital Clocks are available at pyramidtimesystems.com, through GSA Contract Supply Schedule, and Pyramid Time Systems Authorized Resellers.

View 4 digit white LED digital clock here.
View 6 digit white LED digital clock here.

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