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Daylight Savings Time Reminder


Daylight Savings Time: Every Facility Manager’s Nightmare

Daylight Savings time falls on November 7th, 2010 this year, and since the inception of Daylight Savings time in 1918, facility managers all over the country have had the tedious task of resetting clocks twice a year.  As businesses grew and became more complicated, so did the process of keeping all of the clocks in your facility on the same time.  Although clock synchronization might seem like a minor problem to some facility mangers, others recognize the potential drop in productivity that can occur as a result.

As an example: one of the clocks in your workplace is fast by
two minutes. An employee comes in two minutes late each morning and then leaves their work station two minutes early and waits in front of the time clock for quitting time.  This may sound insignificant until you multiply those four minutes out annually. More than sixteen hours or two full work days are cast aside per employee each year because of a simple error. 

Another issue with Daylight Savings Time is that an employee must physically change the clock, often requiring a ladder to do so creating a potentially precarious situation.

There is an alternative.  Pyramid Technologies has an easy, efficient and safe solution that eliminates the need to manually make these adjustments for Daylight Savings Time or after a power outage and reduces the possibility of time wastefulness.  The Pyramid wireless synchronized clock system allows you to choose NTP, GPS or an internal source to capture the exact time.

About Pyramid Time

For over 40 years, Pyramid has provided innovative time and attendance systems including time clocks, time recorders, synchronized clocks and clock accessories for organizations of all sizes. Pyramid empowers organizations with easy to use and versatile time keeping solutions seamlessly working together towards the promotion of productivity, reliability, and efficiency.  Please contact us at 1-888-479-7264 or browse our website for all you're synchronized clock needs.  You can also connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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