Real-time access.

Web-based time and attendance software
is hosted in the cloud, providing you with
unlimited access to payroll data from
any computer or mobile device with internet
access. Employee punches are collected
using internet-ready time clocks,
then uploaded and securely stored on
the web for real-time payroll management.

Cloud-based time and attendance systems
also offer automatic upgrades at no
additional cost beyond the subscription.

Cloud Based Devices
Pay As You Go

Pay as you go.

With cloud based time and attendance software,
you only pay for the employee capacity you need
at that time. You can easily scale the software up
or down depending on your requirements. This is
extremely beneficial to companies that have a
fluctuating or seasonal workforce.


Run reports, such as payroll, time
card, attendance,
punch, detailed payroll, card, card
employee card, employee contact,
seniority or department.

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Export To Payroll

Export to payroll provider.

Export data to dozens of payroll
applications including ADP®, Fidelity®,
Heartland®, Paychex Preview®,
PayChoice®, PayLink®, ProData
Evolution®, TimeClock Format® and
Quickbooks®. You can also export
generic text files.

Pick the perfect Cloud Based Time Clock System for your business.




Scans magnetic strip card to quickly register employee punches.
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Reads RFID proximity badges to quickly record employee punches
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Positively identifies employees and records punches.
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