Synchronized Clock Systems for Government & Municipalities


Synchronize an entire building, agency or government facility.

Workflow, interdepartmental activity, meetings, deadlines and employee schedules are dependent upon accurate timing. Synchronized time is essential to managing day to day operations at local, state and federal government organizations.

Pyramid TimeTrax Sync™ Clock Systems automatically maintain accurate synchronized time across work stations, offices, departments, meeting rooms, break areas and throughout an entire municipal facility.

Synchronized clocks are well suited for police and fire stations, correctional facilities and town campuses. Watch video for a quick overview.

How Synchronized Clocks Benefit Government Agencies


Employee Punctuality

Improve employee punctuality and accountability.


Emergency Operation Plans

Digital Timers provide time measures for Emergency Operation Plans.


Official Synchronized Time

Every clock displays the same exact, official time.


Standardize Schedules

Standardize employee schedules, sessions and meeting times.


Official Time in Plain Site

Ultra bright red LED digital clocks provide an official time display with optimum visibility.


Automatic Daylight Saving Time Change

Automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time and power outages.

Establish effective Emergency Operation Plans

FEMA’s Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG) 101
challenges local government to establish effective
Emergency Operation Plans (EOP’s) which provide
rapid and rigorous coordination, integration and
synchronization of incident response. Concepts of
Operation are required to illustrate the flow of the
emergency management strategy for accomplishing a
mission or set of objectives in order to reach a
desired end-state.

The TimeTrax Sync™ Digital Timer System can be used
to evaluate and improve effectiveness of Emergency
Operation Plans by measuring time intervals to
complete common functions during training and
simulated event sessions.


Harmonize your entire organization with accurate, dependable time.

Wireless timekeeping across work stations, offices, departments,
meeting rooms and throughout an entire facility.

Proudly Made in USA.

Pyramid TimeTrax Sync™ Clocks are proudly engineered
and assembled in the United States at our
world headquarters in Meriden, Connecticut. We also stand
behind our products with the industry’s best and most
comprehensive 3-year warranty.

Pick a clock synchronization method.


Every clock receives time signal from
RF Wireless Transmitter.


Every clock receives power and time data from PoE Switch.


Every clock receives time signal from master clock device.


Here's a handy little guide with everything you need to know about
Synchronized Clock Systems for Healthcare.
Go beyond the basics and gain timely knowledge on:

Operational, economical, and occupational benefits

Synchronization methods

System installation

Environmental performance factors

Industry-specific product applications

Still have a few lingering questions? Contact Us.

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Improve punctuality and productivity.

Standardize work schedules, production shifts or class changes.

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