Radio Frequency Wireless Synchronized Clocks

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Time you can count on.

Radio Frequency (RF) Wireless Synchronized Clocks receive
a dependable wireless time signal from an Ethernet-based
transmitter centrally located within signal range of the clocks.
Every clock is synchronized to a selected NTP time server,
ensuring the accurate time is displayed throughout
an entire building or complex.

RF Wireless Synchronized Clock Benefits

Wireless Communication

RF Wireless Synchronized clocks receive accurate time signals from a wireless transmitter, eliminating the need for

Battery Operated

Battery operated analog and digital clocks provide ultimate flexibility and eliminate the cost of electrical installations.

No Signal Interference

RF Wireless Synchronized Clocks use the Frequency Hopping
Spread Spectrum (FHSS). The time signal "hops" from
frequency to frequency, ensuring the clocks will receive the correct time despite interference on any of the frequencies.


Official Time Data

RF Wireless Synchronized Clock Systems reference an official
time source.

No FCC License Required

If using a 1 watt or less RF Wireless transmitter, no FCC
license is required.

Automatic Daylight Saving Time

Forget about manual clock changes, RF Wireless
Synchronized Clocks automatically adjust for Daylight Saving
Time and power outages.

Simple Setup.

Simply plug the RF Wireless transmitter into
a standard electrical outlet and Ethernet port
to establish a network connection.
Once connected, synchronization software discovers
the transmitter and allows the user to choose
a time source, time zone, and Daylight Saving Time settings.
Upon power up, the RF Wireless Clocks search
for a time signal from the transmitter.

Find the perfect RF Wireless Synchronized clocks and accessories for your application.


Send accurate time signals to clocks, eliminating the need for wiring.


Clock faces, frame finishes and power formats for every environment.


Highly visible time formats, frame finishes and power options for any application.


Enhance and protect your investment with clock brackets, clock guards and more.

Comply with regulations. Keep accurate time. Meet industry needs.

Here's a handy little guide with everything you need to know about Synchronized Clock Systems. Go beyond the basics and gain timely knowledge on:

Operational, economical and occupational benefits

Synchronization methods

System installation

Environmental performance factors

Industry-specific product applications

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