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Pyramid Time Systems Tag Line


It's more than our tagline, it's what makes us tick.  Simply said, Pyramid Time Systems empowers your organization with easy-to-use and intuitive time clocks, document stamps, time clock systems, and synchronized clock systems designed to optimize productivity, reliability, and efficiency. Our products will help you manage your workforce, streamline processes, and minimize operating costs in any environment or industry. We are also proud to say our products are designed and made in the USA. 

Biometric Time Clock System

Skip the Chip. Biometrics provide a gentler touch to employee time tracking.

Employee Microchip Implants could someday be the craze for tracking employee work days, but the new “skin breaking” technology has a ways to go before employees readily submit to such an invasive procedure. On the other more 

Time for a change. 

So how many clocks will you need to change after Daylight Saving Time ends on November 5th?  If you are dreading this daunting task, maybe it's time you change your clocks for good.  Pyramid TimeTrax Sync™ Wall Clocks feature automatic Daylight Saving Time Adjustment and eliminate the need to reset every clock. The Daylight Saving Time more


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