• Pyramid Time Systems

    Keep everyone on the same time.

    Increase productivity. Reduce costs. Stay compliant.
  • Pyramid Time Systems

    Spring ahead and find a better use for your ladder.

    Gone are the days of manual time changes.
    Daylight Saving Time began March 11th.
    How many clocks did you change?
  • Pyramid Time Systems

    Eliminate buddy punching time theft.

    Biometric time clocks positively identify employees.
  • Pyramid Time Systems

    In honor of small business.

    4000Pro Auto Totaling Time Clock
    Stop adding up time cards.
  • Pyramid Time Systems

    Keep everyone on the clock.

    Keep productivity up and payroll costs down.
Simple Smart

It's more than our tagline, it's what makes us tick. Simply said, Pyramid Time Systems empowers you with easy-to-use and intuitive time clocks, document stamps, time clock systems, and synchronized clock systems designed to optimize productivity, reliability, and efficiency.

Pyramid Time Clocks
  • Manual Punch Clocks

  • Software Based Time Clocks

  • Synchronized Clocks

  • Timecards & Supplies

Automate employee time and attendance.

Swipe, proximity and biometric time clocks.

Keep your facility perfectly timed.

Comply with industry standards. Stay on schedule.

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