Manual Punch Clocks

Grey Clock
Time Sheet

Track employee time.

Keep a handle on payroll with traditional card-based,
time clocks designed specifically for small business

Time clocks, punch clocks or time recorders, stamp
the date and/or time of employee arrival, breaks, overtime
and departure on a time card. Time cards typically
include In and Out punch columns, days of week and
areas to write in employee data. A time card provides
an official record of the hours an employee works and
is used to calculate the pay due to the employee.

Manual Punch Clock Features and Benefits


Labor Law Compliance

Time clocks maintain accurate documentation and prove compliance with wage and hour legislation.

Defrayed Payroll Costs

Time recorders help reduce payroll costs by paying
employees only for actual time worked.


Time Stamp

Manual punch clocks accurately record date and time of
employee arrival, breaks and departure.

Battery Backup

An Internal battery backup safeguards data and settings for
up to 30 days without power.


Employee Accountability and Punctuality

By recording time, time clocks deter late arrivals, long
breaks and early departures.


Automatic Daylight Saving Time

Most punch clocks automatically adjust for short months,
leap year and Daylight Saving Time without missing a tick.

Comply with regulations
and prevent grievances.

The US Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division
mandates every employer to keep specific time records
for each non-exempt worker. These records are required
to include data about the hours worked for each employee.

Time clocks maintain accurate documentation and
prove compliance with wage and hour legislation.

Protect against time theft.

Manual punch clocks feature tamper-proof
security locks to help protect
against costly time theft.

Find the perfect Manual Punch Clock for your workforce.


Keep a handle on employee arrival times, breaks, overtime and departure times.


Track employee time and attendance, perform job costing or stamp time-sensitive documents.


Automatically calculate worked time between punches and accumulate totals per pay period.


Heavy duty steel holds up in harsh work environments.

Eliminate overpayment. Calculate accurately. Prevent time theft.

Auto Totaling Time Clocks

Track and total employee time.

Take calculations off the “to do” list

Minimize payroll processing time
and eliminate errors.