Swipe Card Time Clock Systems

Grey Clock

Swipe and go.

Swipe card time clocks read a magnetic stripe (magstripe) card to quickly register employee arrival times, breaks, lunches, overtime and departure times. Numbered cards are assigned to each employee using time and attendance software. Write the employee name on each card and install “IN” and “OUT” card racks next to the time clock for visual attendance monitoring.


Employee punch data is periodically downloaded to your computer where you can edit time cards, apply overtime, time off, meal breaks and rounding rules, and run payroll reports using time and attendance software.


Run reports, such as payroll, timecard, attendance, punch, detailed payroll, card, card comprehensive, employee card, employee contact, employee seniority or department.

Time Card Reports

Export to payroll provider.

Export data to dozens of payroll applications including ADP®, Fidelity®, Heartland®, Paychex Preview®, PayChoice®, PayLink®, ProData Evolution®, TimeClock Format® and Quickbooks®. You can also export generic text files.

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Achieve optimum productivity, efficiency and compliance

Display the same exact time throughout an entire facility