Time Clocks & Document Stamps

Grey Clock

It's a time clock...

Document stamps, or time stamps,
are multi-function office machines.
When used as a time clock,
employees punch In and Out on a
time card to record arrival time,
breaks and departure times. These
time clocks can also be used to keep
track of project time for job costing.

In Out Punches

...or a document stamp.

These business machines can also
stamp the time, date and one of 14
preprogrammed messages on attendance logs,
receipts, invoices, correspondence,
legal paperwork, or anywhere you
want an official time stamp. Side
loading accommodates left or right
hand printing orientation on any size document.

Fully equipped.

Some document stamp models are
equipped with custom messaging or
sequential page numbering.
Stamp the date, time and up to 2 lines
of alphanumeric custom type, such as
company name, address, website or other
custom info. A counter mode enables sequential
page numbering up to 9999 consecutive stamps.

Pick the perfect Time Clock and Document Stamp for your business.




Auto Totaling Time Clocks

Track and total employee time.

Take calculations off the “to do” list

Minimize payroll processing time
and eliminate errors.