Auto Totaling Time Clocks

Grey Clock

Minimize payroll processing
time and eliminate errors.

Auto totaling or calculating time clocks
automatically record worked time
between punches and accumulate totals
on a time card for weekly, bi-weekly,
semi-monthly or monthly payrolls (Clocks may vary).


Punch rounding rules.

Self-calculating time clocks total actual or rounded time.
If punch rounding rules are selected, the actual punch time is printed
on the time card, however the shift, daily and cumulative totals
are rounded to the nearest 5, 10 or 15 minute increments.

Fully automatic.

Employees won’t waste any time
trying to line up their time punches
on a time card because these time
clocks auto-feed, auto-align and
auto-eject the time card.

Enjoy care-free automatic time
reset for Daylight Saving Time,
short months and leap year.

Pick the perfect Auto Totaling Time Clock for your business.




Achieve optimum productivity, efficiency and compliance

Display the same exact time throughout an entire facility