Auto Aligning Time Clocks


Keep employee time in line.

Auto aligning time clocks automatically line up
the time card and imprint the time in the
appropriate In or Out column for each day of
the week. 6-column time clocks record arrival
times, breaks, lunches, overtime or departure
times for each employee.

Minimize payroll processing time and eliminate errors.

Auto totaling or calculating time clocks
automatically record worked time
between punches and accumulate totals
on a time card for weekly, bi-weekly,
semi-monthly or monthly payrolls.

Flexible pay periods.

Auto aligning time clocks accommodate
weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or semi-monthly
pay periods. 6-column models use a tree-
friendly 2-sided time card to record employee
punches for days 1-15 on the front of the card
and days 16-31 on the backside. These clever
time clocks reject the time card if an employee
accidently inserts the wrong side.

Withstand wear n' tear.

Heavy duty auto aligning time clocks
are constructed of industrial-grade steel
to hold up in harsh workplaces such
as manufacturing plants, warehouses
and garages. The rugged steel case
also protects the inner mechanism
from damage and debris.

Pick the perfect Auto Aligning Time Clock for your business.




Auto Totaling Time Clocks

Track and total employee time.

Take calculations off the “to do” list

Minimize payroll processing time
and eliminate errors.

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