Synchronized Clock Systems for Food Processing

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Synchronize an entire Food Processing Plant.

Accurate time is essential in food processing facilities where precision in time-critical activities is paramount to product quality and safe food handling. Plant efficiency, production line speed and accurate records depend on reliable accurate time. The FDA Food Code Production and Process Controls section addresses the monitoring of physical factors (critical control points), such as time and temperature.

Pyramid TimeTrax Sync™ Clock Systems meet synchronization standards and time measure requirements by automatically maintaining accurate synchronized time across processing stations, departments, and office areas throughout an entire food processing facility.

Synchronized clocks benefit all types of food and beverage segments, including bakery, food packing, brewery, distillery, dairy, poultry, beef, fish, beverages and many more. Watch video for a quick overview.

How Synchronized Clocks Benefit Food Processing Facilities


Time-Critical Activities

Digital Timer Systems provide precision in time-critical tasks such as filling, seaming, heating and cooling.


Official Time in Plain Site

Ultra bright red LED digital clocks provide an official time display with optimum visibility.


FDA Compliant

Complies with FDA Code and Regulations requiring synchronization of clocks.


Standardize Schedules

Standardize shift changes and shipping schedules.


USDA Compliant

Digital timers meets USDA requirements for accurate time measures.


Automatic Daylight Saving Time Change

Automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time and power outages.

Comply with codes and regulations.

Compliance with FDA and USDA codes and regulations depends on precisely synchronized time at every processing station. FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) establish the methods, equipment, facilities and controls for food processing procedures. According to the FDA Production and Process Controls, accurate time is classified as a critical control point in safe food handling.

Pyramid TimeTrax Sync™ Clock Systems ensure accurate synchronized time throughout an entire food processing facility to meet synchronization standards. Commercial Digital Timers enable precision in time-critical tasks, such as thawing, cooking, cooling and freezing, by monitoring elapsed or remaining time.


Harmonize your entire facility with accurate, dependable time.

Wireless timekeeping across processing stations, departments and
throughout an entire food processing plant.

Precise time measures.

Any type of food can host contaminants, but some foods are more prone than others for the growth of pathogens. Foods that need time and temperature control for safety, known as TCS foods, include milk and dairy products, eggs, meat (beef, pork, and lamb), poultry, fish, shellfish and crustaceans, baked potatoes, tofu or other soy protein, sprouts and sprout seeds, sliced melons, cut tomatoes, cut leafy greens, untreated garlic-and-oil mixtures, and cooked rice, beans, and vegetables.

Pyramid TimeTrax Sync™ Digital Timers precisely monitor elapsed or remaining time during functions such as filling, seaming, heating, cooling, thawing, freezing and sterilization. The six-digit (00:00:00) bright LED display counts up or down to the exact second during each critical stage. A minus symbol and flashing digits indicate when the timer is counting down past zero. Easily commence or pause a timed session with the oversized red start/pause button.

When not in timer mode, the digital timer can be used in conjunction with a TimeTrax Sync™ Clock System to provide accurate synchronized time throughout an entire food processing plant.


Keeping perfect time in plain sight.

Expansive food processing plants and extensive production lines call for a highly visible time source. An ultra-bright, red LED digital clock format provides optimum visibility with up to 250 ft (4″ digit format) of viewing distance.

Enhance and protect.

Protect clocks and other devices from debris, splatter and moisture with high-impact, NEMA4 compliant polycarbonate clock guards. Heavy duty 11-gauge steel wire guards shield clocks from damage or vandalism. Double-sided wall or ceiling brackets are ideal for expansive areas or production lines for enhanced viewing.


Pick a clock synchronization method.


Every clock receives time signal from
RF Wireless Transmitter.


Every clock receives power and time data from PoE Switch.


Every clock receives time signal from master clock device.

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Here's a handy little guide with everything you need to know about
Synchronized Clock Systems for Healthcare.
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Operational, economical, and occupational benefits

Synchronization methods

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Environmental performance factors

Industry-specific product applications

Improve punctuality and productivity.

Standardize work schedules, production shifts or class changes.