Synchronized Clock Systems for Manufacturing Facilities


Synchronize an entire Manufacturing facility.

Manufacturing processes, shift changes and shipping schedules are dependent upon accurate timing. Synchronized time is essential to managing daily operations, harmonizing the workplace, and streamlining processes.

Pyramid TimeTrax Sync™ Clock Systems automatically maintain accurate synchronized time across the production floor, warehouse, shipping department, front office, customer service and throughout an entire manufacturing plant. Watch video for a quick overview.

How Synchronized Clocks Benefit Manufacturing Facilities.


Production Time Measures

Digital Timers provide time measures for critical production events.


Official Time in Plain Site

Ultra bright red LED digital clocks provide an official time display with optimum visibility.


Streamline Operations

Maximize workforce, streamline processes and improve productivity.


Standardize Schedules

Standardize shift changes, breaks and production schedules.


Bell System Interface

Integrates with bell and tone systems.


Automatic Daylight Saving Time Change

Automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time and power outages.

LEAN Machine.

LEAN manufacturing principals challenge production plants to eliminate waste and maximize flow. Pyramid Synchronized clocks uphold the LEAN manufacturing philosophy by maximizing the workforce, streamlining processes and improving productivity.

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Harmonize your entire facility with accurate, dependable time.

Wireless timekeeping across the production floor, warehouse, office
and throughout an entire manufacturing plant.

Monitor Timed Processes.

The TimeTrax Sync™ Digital Timer System provides a visual indication of elapsed or remaining time during timed production events, or can be used to monitor performance and ongoing quality improvement activities. When not in timer mode, the vibrant red LED digital clock can be used in conjunction with a complete clock system to provide a highly visible and accurate time reference for shift changes, production activities, timed processes and shipping schedules. Perfect for expansive production floors and warehouse spaces.


Enhance and protect.

Accessorize with dual clock wall or ceiling brackets in hallways or expansive areas for enhanced viewing. Use protective clock guards in high impact areas.

Pick a clock synchronization method.


Every clock receives time signal from
RF Wireless Transmitter.


Every clock receives power and time data from PoE Switch.


Every clock receives time signal from master clock device.

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Here's a handy little guide with everything you need to know about
Synchronized Clock Systems for Healthcare.
Go beyond the basics and gain timely knowledge on:

Operational, economical, and occupational benefits

Synchronization methods

System installation

Environmental performance factors

Industry-specific product applications

Improve punctuality and productivity.

Standardize work schedules, production shifts or class changes.

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