poe ip network synchronized clocks

Plug into perfectly synchronized time.
Ethernet based systems are nothing new in the world of facility management, but the number of products using Ethernet connectivity is on the uptick. One common facility fixture in particular are wall clocks. PoE (Power over Ethernet) or IP Network Synchronized clocks tap into traditional Ethernet technology, receiving power and time data by directly connecting with your local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN). These "smart clocks" draw power and time updates from the network using a standard Category 6 Ethernet Patch cable.

poe ip network synchronized clocks

Besides simplicity, there are many advantages to installing a PoE/IP Network Synchronized Clock System.

1. No Interference.

Compared to wireless LAN technology, Ethernet is inherently less susceptible to disruptions, such as radio wave interference, physical barriers or bandwidth limitations.

2. Cost Savings.

PoE network clocks reduce installation costs since both power and time data is provided over a single Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for electricians to install conduit, electrical wiring and outlets throughout a facility. PoE IP Network clocks operate over your existing Ethernet infrastructure with no additional equipment needed.

Additionally, PoE clocks operate using 48 volt DC using the IEEE802.3af standard, making them extremely energy efficient.

3. Flexible Installation.

Since you don't have to depend on AC outlets, PoE clocks provide more freedom and flexibility when choosing clock locations. A PoE clock system only requires a technician to run one Ethernet cable to an access point for supplying both power and NTP time synchronization. This also makes it easy to relocate a clock or expand the clock system if the need arises.

4. Accurate, Dependable Time.

PoE IP Network clocks are synchronized to a local or internet NTP or SNTP time server, ensuring accurate time is displayed on every clock. Standardized time helps improve punctuality, efficiency and productivity. Accurate time is critical in manufacturing plants, hospitals, schools, pharmaceutical manufacturing, or wherever a legally traceable time source is required.

5. Individual or Global Time Setting.

PoE Clock Systems enable individual or system-wide configurations, including time zones offsets, daylight saving time and time formats. This feature is advantageous in financial, military or global organizations.

PoE or IP Network clocks are feature rich, providing facility management with a simple solution for accurate and dependable timekeeping throughout an entire facility.

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