Time Clocks

Grey Clock

Track employee time.

Time clocks, punch clocks or time recorders, stamp
the date and/or time on an employee time card.
Software-based time and attendance systems
quickly register employee punches using a pin
number, swipe card, proximity badge or biometric
punch method. An official record of the time
worked is used to calculate the pay due to
the employee.

Employees are accountable and punctual, time
records are 100% accurate and payroll
administration is reduced.

Time Clock Features and Benefits

Labor Law Compliance

Time clocks maintain accurate documentation and prove compliance with Wage and Hour legislation.

Defrayed Payroll Costs

Time recorders help reduce payroll costs by paying
employees only for actual time worked.

Time Stamp

Time clocks accurately record date and time of employee
arrival, breaks and departure.


A security lock safeguards time clock data and protects from tampering.

Employee Accountability and Punctuality

By recording time, time clocks deter late arrivals, long
breaks and early departures.


Automatic Daylight Saving Time

Most time clocks automatically adjust for short months, leap
year and Daylight Saving Time without missing a tick.

Comply with regulations and
prevent grievances.

Wage and hour lawsuits represent the largest category
of employment-related class action filings, up 450%
in the last 15 years. Time records are one of the key
areas investigators focus on when auditing for violations.

The US Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division
mandates every employer to keep specific time records
for each non-exempt worker. These records are required
to include data about the hours worked for each employee.

Time clocks maintain accurate documentation and prove
compliance with Wage and Hour legislation. Automated, or
software-based time and attendance systems apply
consistent rules, manage data and provide detailed reporting.

Reduce time theft.

Employers fall victim to many types of time theft.
Manual time sheets enable employees to fudge
their time and unjustly increase their compensation.
Time clocks provide an official record of the hours
an employee works to calculate the actual pay
owed to an employee.

Time clocks and automated time and attendance
systems eliminate overpayment, improve employee
punctuality and increase productivity.

Eliminate calculation errors.

Manually totaling payroll hours is time consuming
and prone to errors. This labor-intensive
process depends on the accuracy of the
individual employee who manually totals hours
and transcribes data from time sheets or time
cards to a spreadsheet. Payroll errors are
“hidden” costs which often fly under the radar.

Auto totaling time clocks and software based
time clocks
 help reclaim lost revenue due to
payroll processing time and payroll errors

Pick a time clock type.




Keep a handle on employee arrival times, breaks, overtime and departure times.

Track, edit, report and export employee payroll.

On demand employee time tracking, anywhere, anytime.

Eliminate overpayment. Calculate accurately. Prevent time theft.

Do more than track employee time.

Free up your time for something else.