school clocks for portable classrooms

Educational institutions are increasingly counting on Temporary Portable Classroom and Permanent Modular Classroom buildings as a cost-effective and time-saving resolution to expanding enrollments, overcrowding, state-imposed classroom limits, and other factors driving the need for more space. Portable and modular classrooms provide speed, savings and sustainability when supplemental space is eminent. As Summer break comes to a close, final preparations are underway to quickly outfit these newly created teaching spaces with essential classroom fixtures, from student desks to wall clocks.

TimeTrax Sync™ RF Wireless and PoE IP Network Synchronized Clock Starter Packs provide a cost-effective solution to accommodate long-term and temporary classroom space. Each pack includes everything needed to get a classroom up and ticking in a matter of minutes. TimeTrax Sync™ Clock Systems ensure reliable synchronized time between portable classrooms and the main building, district or campus, eliminating any time discrepancies. A Radio Frequency Wireless transmitter sends a consistent, dependable time signal to the portable classroom clocks and automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time or power outages.

Synchronized Clock Starter Packs provide the perfect timekeeping solution for swift expansion projects, and are simple to setup and completely scalable.

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