holiday stress

Want to keep employee productivity dashing through the snow this holiday season? You can start by lightening up the heavy stress load. Many times, employers don’t realize they may be packing on more stress for their employees during this bustling time of year.

The bah-humbug bottom line - every business owner pours on the pressure to meet project deadlines and reach year-end goals. On the downside, excessive overtime hours and working paid holidays can be a detriment to employee morale. Working through lunch, working overtime, and taking on weekend hours cuts into personal time, when employees would otherwise be prepping for the holidays. The year-end result - employees may end up feeling less than festive, and even resentful.

Even seemingly simple, fun activities, such as purchasing a Secret Santa present or baking for an office cookie swap can cause undue stress; they create just one more thing to do.

Instead of adding to holiday-related stress, here are a few ideas to alleviate stress during the holidays:

1. Casual Dress

Allow more casual dress days during the holiday season.

2. Flex Time

Offer flexible working hours so employees can finish up holiday shopping.

3. Employee Gift

Give an employee holiday gift to let them know they are appreciated.

4. Telecommute Days

Allow employees "telecommute days" during holiday season.

5. Business Hour Events

Schedule office holiday events during normal business hours.

6. Holiday Luncheon

Host a catered holiday luncheon for your employees.

Let your employees enjoy this time of year and let them know they are appreciated!