school clocks

Keeping students and faculty members safe and on schedule depends on accurate, reliable and precisely synchronized time from the classroom to the main office. Efficient and orderly class changes, punctuality, standardized testing, measurable safety standards, timely bus schedules and accurate attendance records rely on precisely synchronized time throughout an entire school, campus or district. Retrofitting or replacing an impaired clock system can be particularly challenging due to limited access to classrooms, offices and general purpose areas while school is in session.

Winter break is an opportune time to update an existing clock system without disrupting classes, administration or activities. Synchronized Clock Systems empower school and universities with the ability to easily install and maintain perfectly synchronized clocks throughout an entire school, district or campus, one phase at a time. Choose from RF Wireless or PoE IP Network configurations to meet your facility infrastructure. TimeTrax Sync™ automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time or power outages, and easily integrates with TimeTrax Sync™ Bell Systems and/or TimeTrax Sync™ Count Up/Countdown Digital Timer Systems to promote the highest level of reliability, productivity and efficiency in the educational environment.

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