Lean Manufacturing

Manufacturing organizations are consistently challenged to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and productivity to boost the bottom line. Methodologies, such as LEAN Manufacturing Principals, maximize the workforce, streamline processes and improve overall productivity and performance. Machinery schedules and repetitive activities, such as fabrication and assembly, require the use of accurate, synchronized time measurement throughout an entire facility. Efficient workforce management is also essential to optimizing profitability. Staffing fluctuations, shift changes, compliance risks, absenteeism and overtime tracking necessitate stringent management of workforce data and practices.

Synchronized Digital Clock Systems furnish manufacturing facilities with a highly visible and accurate time display. Ultra-bright, 4" red LED digits are visible up to 250 feet away, making them ideal for expansive production floors, warehouses and dimly lit areas. Radio Frequency Wireless and PoE IP Network Clock Systems receive accurate, dependable time data from an official time source, ensuring every clock in a facility displays the same exact time.

Bell Systems standardize shift changes and promote employee punctuality and accountability. Bell signaling devices may be integrated with a Synchronized Clock System providing precision in event timing.

Digital Timers provide a visual indication of elapsed or remaining time during processes or procedures. The timer counts up (elapsed time) or down (time remaining) by the second to accommodate accurate and detailed timekeeping and recording needs. Flashing digits and negative numbers indicate when time is counting down past zero. By measuring time intervals during processes, the system provides evaluation data to assist in assessing efficiency in production.

Time Clock Systems enable comprehensive employee time tracking with flexible labor management tools including time card editing, reporting and exporting data to payroll providers.

Working together, these timekeeping devices collectively save manufacturing facilities thousands of dollars in labor and maintenance costs each year.

Consider installing an integrated time system for your facility during Summer Shutdown.