march mardness

When it comes to March Madness, there are some employers who embrace all of the hoopla, while there are others, well, they aren't exactly cheering. For the most part, bosses are less than thrilled with the impact the NCAA men's basketball tournament has on the workplace. According to a new survey by Office Team, nearly a third of all bosses are not fans of March Madness making its way into the office, claiming daytime games and bracket tracking distracts their workforce and negatively impacts productivity.

On the rebound, 11% of managers welcome the tournament into their offices, saying the college basketball series actually helps productivity by creating a happy, positive work environment. According to this March Madness mindset, happy employees are productive employees.

Regardless of what side of the court you are on, it's no surprise that four out of 10 workers admit they are distracted by the games at work. The proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace and prevelance of streaming video enables workers to watch games when they should be working. "Today's technology makes it easer for people to get game updates from just about anywhere, including the office," Office Team district president Brandi Britton said.

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