• 3500/3700 Cleaning & Care Instructions

    Here you will find step by step cleaning & care instructions for both the 3500 & 3700 time clocks.

    Care & Cleaning Instructions

  • 4000/4000HD Care & Cleaning Instructions

    Here you will find step by step instructions on how to clean & care for both the 4000 & 4000HD time clocks. Many print problems can be eliminated and the life of your Pyramid Time Clock can be extended simply by making sure that you correctly install your ribbon and keep your time clock clean.

    Care & Cleaning Instructions

  • Adding Time Cards By Hand

    Adding time on a calculator will not give you the accuracy (hundredths of minutes) that is necessary to accurately add time when computing payroll. The Pyramid Time Clock contains a chip with the mathematical formula necessary to guarantee that time accuracy.

    Adding Time Cards By Hand

  • Changing the Print Ribbon

    1. Remove the cover using the key provided with the unit.
    2. Locate the print ribbon mounted on the ribbon cartridge holder.
    3. Gently push to the right the hold down clip and remove the ribbon from the holder, while pulling on the ribbon tension knob.
    4. Snap in the new cartridge, making sure that the ribbon and print shield loop around the front of the print head. Turn the tension knob to remove any slack in the ribbon.
    5. Replace the cover.
  • No Recorders Found (Ethernet)

  • Password Reset

    Have you forgotten or lost your password?

    The default log in is User Name Admin, Password PTI. If you changed your user name and password and you don’t remember it, please call Customer Service 888 479-7264 Opt 1.

  • Pyramid 4000 Ribbon Installation

    View our step-by-step guide:

    Pyramid 4000 Ribbon Installation

  • Quickbooks Integration

    TimeTrax and Quickbooks Syncing and Exporting. Requirements: Quickbooks Pro or higher. U.S. Versions ONLY. Use this document to guide you through the steps...

    Before you sync

    Exporting hours

    Syncing employees with quickboox

  • Registering a Fingerprint

    Registering an Employee on the TimeTrax Elite Bio

    Before you try to register an employee on the Elite Bio, please make sure you have set up a supervisor ID under keypad entry and you have already given your employees card numbers on the employee detail screen.

    1. To set up a supervisor ID, Click on Add on the Keypad Punch Screen.
    2. Add an 8 digit supervisor number under Prox Card on the bottom left of the screen.
    3. Add a Supervisor Description (can be the supervisors name if you like).
    4. Click Save.

    Now you are ready to register your employee's fingerprints.

    Supervisors must register employees on each terminal they will be using.

    Step 1

    1. Hit the F4 key.
    2. ID# : will appear on the screen.

    Step 2

    1. Enter your Supervisor ID and hit enter then F4.
    2. User ID: will appear on the screen.

    Step 3

    1. Enter your employee’s card number and press enter.

    Step 4

    1. Scan 1 of 2 will appear on screen.
    2. Have the employees place their finger on the scan.
    3. Scan 2 of 2 will appear on the screen.
    4. Have the employee place the same finger on the scan.
    5. Enroll Succeeded will appear on the screen.
    6. This employee is all set.

    Step 5

    1. Enroll Another? will appear on the screen.
    2. If you don’t want to enter another employee, just hit clear and you are set.
    3. If you want to register another employee immediately, hit enter.
    4. User ID: will appear on the screen.
    5. Enter the next employee’s card number and press enter.
    6. You are now back on step 4.

    Please note: Anytime you make an error during one of the steps above, just hit clear and start from the beginning.

  • Sample TimeTrax Reports

  • V4 Moving your database from 1 pc to another

    Grabbing your database from Windows 7 and above and moving into to another Windows 7 or above.

    V4 Moving DB

  • V5 Fingerprint Registration

    Follow these instructions to register your employees fingerprints at the clock.

    V5 Employee Registration

  • V5 Moving your database from 1 PC to another

    Please follow these directions to move your data from 1 PC to another with your Version 5 software.

    V5 Moving DB