Everything you need to get ticking.

No need to break the budget. You
can start synchronizing your facility
with TimeTrax Sync™ Starter Packs.
Each bundle comes equipped with
five clocks, communication device
and/or TimeTrax Sync™ software.
Take your pick from analog or digital
clock bundles. It’s the perfect fit for
small facilities or phased retrofit projects.

Starter Packs Bundle
Three Ways

Three ways to synchronize.

Depending upon your facility and existing
infrastructure, you can choose from one
of three types of clock systems. Radio
Frequency Wireless systems are self-sufficient
and receive a dependable time
signal from a transmitter. Ethernet
systems receive continuous time and
power over cat 5 cabling and work well in
Ethernet-rich facilities. Master Clock Systems
receive time from a main a master clock controller.

It's Official

Regardless of the type of synchronized
clock system you choose, they all
reference an official time source such
as Network Time Protocol (NTP) over a
network or Coordinated Universal Time
(UTC) over the internet. You can count
on accurate, dependable time
throughout your facility.

Fully Automatic
Expand Starter Packs

Simple to install. Easy to expand.

Every TimeTrax Sync™ Starter Pack is simple to
setup and accommodates expansion at any time just
by adding clocks and/or signal coverage. Start
here and go everywhere with perfectly synchronized time.

Which synchronization method fits your facility?

Rf Wireless

Every clock receives time signal from
RF Wireless Transmitter.

PoE IP Network

Every clock receives power and time data from PoE Switch.

Wired Master Clock

Every clock receives time signal from
master clock device.

RF Buildings Diagram image
Includes five clocks, transmitter and software
See Starter Packs
PoE Buildings Image
Includes five clocks and software
See Starter Packs
Master Clock Building Diagram image
Includes five clocks and 7000 Master Clock
See Starter Packs