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Biometric Time Clock Wireless Analog Clock


Time & Attendance- Running a business can drain one of your most valuable commodities -- time. For your business to remain competitive, you must optimize your employee time and attendance while keeping an eye on cost containment. Improving how companies manage time and attendance information isn't a luxury reserved for only the largest multi-million dollar corporations. With Pyramid Time Systems, managing important functions of business such as employee payroll and time synchronization become simple tasks. Our various lines of time clocks, automated time clock systems, & document stamps will keep you from worrying about how to accurately keep track of your employees' time.

Synchronized Clocks- Time matters and keeping time shouldn't cost a ton of money.  Our transmitters are the industry’s first synchronized wireless transmitter that guarantee complete coverage at a fraction of the cost of competitive wireless systems. Not to mention, you can enjoy monumental savings when compared to the cost of installing a hard-wired system. With Pyramid Sync, managing important functions of business such as time synchronization and scheduling become simple tasks. Our synchronized wireless clocks will keep you from worrying about how to keep everyone on the same schedule.

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Precise time keeping is the key to optimizing personnel and processing resources in order to contain costs and remain competitive in today's global economy.