earth day approved time clocks

Protecting the Planet is the pursuit of the week, as the days press on to Earth Day on April 22nd. Software-based time clocks are pitching in to do their part in helping business conserve natural resources while streamlining processes at the same time.

Traditional employee time tracking methods inherently consume paper by using time sheets or time cards. Using time sheets for 10 employees consumes 500 sheets, or one ream of paper each year! a 50-employee workforce burns through 2,500 time cards in one year!

Automated time clock systems eliminate waste by reducing the amount of paper you are using per employee. Since software-based time clocks don't use time sheets or time cards, they are considered to be a "green" time and attendance solution. Software-based time clock systems use alternative punch methods to register employee arrival times, breaks, lunches, and departure times. These methods include employee pin number entry, swipe cards, RFID proximity badges or biometric technology.

Do your part in protecting our planet. Use an Earth Day Approved software-based time clock system.