school clocks

The end of the school year is here. Finals, graduation and end-of-year activities are well underway. Schools, colleges and universities across the country are challenged with synchronizing tight schedules, juggling an increased number of events on school grounds. As summertime sets in, there is no better time to retrofit or replace an impaired clock system than over the extended school break.

Synchronized clock systems ensure dependable, accurate and precise timekeeping throughout an entire school, campus or district. Because they receive time from a selected NTP time source, every clock displays the same exact time.

Synchronized Analog Clock Systems ensure precisely synchronized timekeeping throughout any size educational facility or campus. A radio frequency transmitter uses industry proven 902-928MHz frequency hopping to capture and send a consistent time signal to analog wall clocks. The end result - every clock displays the same exact time.

A Synchronized Clock System may also be used in conjunction with a Digital Timer System , to provide a visual indication of time remaining during test sessions. The system also easily integrates with synchronized bells to promote the highest level of efficiency, punctuality and productivity in the educational environment.

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