employee break bells

No matter the size of your business, efficiency is critical to productivity, smooth operations, and overall, profitability. Smooth transitions in daily schedules, such as start times, shift changes, breaks, deliveries, pick-ups and departure times, aid in facility organization and workforce harmonization.

Whether you run a production floor, warehouse, or auto repair shop, a single variation in schedule can throw a real wrench into timing, putting production behind the eight ball. People may lose track of time and show up late for their production shift, or they may leave their work station too early. At the end of the day, lost time results in lost productivity, and ultimately, lost revenue.

A bell or horn system alleviates timing issues by signaling alerts based on a preset schedule. Instead of watching the clock for breaks, lunches and quitting time, employees will be focused on their work. With a bell system, everyone is aware of timed breaks and schedules. Here is a quick hit list of what a bell system can do for you:

o Improve employee punctuality and productivity
o Increase overall efficiency
o Keep employees focused
o Maintain timely schedules

Bell ringer systems often work in conjunction with employee time clocks, software based time clocks, and/or synchronized wall clock systems. The bell system receives a BCD time signal using an RJ45 connector. Bell scheduling is enabled using either the time clock program menu or synchronized clock system software. With software, schedules may be named and changed or updated at any time. You may also set up exceptions, such as holidays or weekends, and easily switch back to a standard schedule.

o Configure schedules
o Unlimited time events
o Keep employees focused
o Holiday and weekend exceptions

Bring punctuality, productivity and organization to your business with a signaling bell or horn system.

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