Biometric Time Clock

Employee Microchip Implants could someday be the craze for tracking employee work days, but the new “skin breaking” technology has a ways to go before employees readily submit to such an invasive procedure. On the other hand, biometric time clocks provide a gentler method of tracking employee hours while still protecting employers against costly “buddy punching” time theft.

Biometric time clocks quickly scan employee fingertips to positively identify employees and register their arrival time, breaks, lunches, overtime and quitting times. The unique finger scan provides indisputable identification and prevents employees from punching in for one another when they are late or absent from work.

Biometric time clocks are also viewed as less invasive, since they only scan and map the topography of an employee’s fingertip, rather than storing an actual fingerprint. All that’s required is a simple touch of a finger, and employee punches are registered on the time clock terminal and then periodically downloaded to a desktop PC. From here, you can edit time cards, apply overtime, time off, meal breaks and rounding rules, run payroll reports and export to most major payroll providers using TimeTrax™ time and attendance software.

Protect your business from buddy punching with biometric time clocks by Pyramid Time Systems.