Swipe Card Time Clock System

With the emergence of proximity and biometric time clocks, you may think swipe card time clocks have been pushed aside, but think again. Swipe card time clocks are still a popular choice for employee time and attendance management and show no signs of slowing down, outselling alternative punch method time clock systems by 2 to 1. So what's the big draw to magnetic swipe time clocks? For starters, the general public is intimately familiar with interacting with swipe terminals. Prior to the introduction of the chip reader, swipe cards were widely used (and still are) for day-to-day transactions at the grocery store, the gas pump and the corner deli. Swiping a card to punch in and out of work is as quick and easy as using a debit card to buy a gallon of milk.

Swiping In and Out.

Just like swipe credit and debit card terminals, swipe card time clocks read a magnetic strip (magstripe) card. With each swipe, the time clock terminal records employee arrival times, breaks, lunches, and departure times. An audible beep and card number screen display confirms a successful employee punch.

The swipe cards are usually numbered and assigned to each employee using time and attendance software. The name of each employee may also be written on each swipe card. Some swipe card terminals also feature a keypad for optional supervisor-approved pin number entry. This comes in handy if someone misplaces or losses their employee swipe card.

swipe card time clock

Editing Time Cards.

Just like with proximity and biometric time clocks, once employee punch times are collected, the punch data is periodically downloaded to a PC. From here, the payroll manager can edit time cards, apply overtime, time off, meal breaks and rounding rules, and run payroll reports using time and attendance software. Data is archived and readily available for review at any time. The time and attendance software manages weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly pay periods.

time and attendance software

Exporting to Payroll Provider.

Here's the money shot! Payroll personnel are able to seamlessly export employee data using worksheets formatted to popular payroll provider applications. The list of providers includes:

Paychex Preview
ProData Evolution
TimeClock Format
Intuit Quickbooks
generic text files

payroll provider export

Swipe Time Clock Systems easily expand to accommodate additional employees by adding cards, software upgrades or time clock terminals. Here is a recap of some of the features:

Time Clock terminal reads magnetic stripe swipe cards
Audible beep and card number screen display confirms successful employee punch
Accommodates additional employees with Software Upgrades and additional Swipe Cards
Holds punches between downloads
Enables employee time card editing
Features payroll reports
Manages weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly pay periods
Calculates overtime, including time and a half, double time, special Saturday, Sunday or 7th day overtime rules
Holiday and bonus hours for global or select employee groups
Displays time, date and day of week on easy-to-read, back-lit LCD screen
Care-free automatic reset for short months, leap year and Daylight Saving Time
Internal battery backup safeguards data and settings

Swipe card time clock systems streamline employee time tracking and payroll management with the simple swipe of a card. See the full line of Pyramid Time Systems Swipe Card Time Clock Systems.