time and attendance software

Manage employee payroll data.

Do more than collect employee punch data. TimeTrax™ time and attendance software provides you with flexible payroll management right from your PC.

  • Review, edit and approve employee time cards
  • Select weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly pay periods
  • Create departments and employee groups
  • Set punch rounding and automatic break time rules
  • Apply holiday and bonus hours for select or global employees
  • Handle daily, weekly, Saturday, Sunday and seventh day overtime
  • Automatically calculate employee hours per pay period
  • Export payroll hours to payroll provider
  • Run reports on employees and payroll

Employees are accountable and punctual, time records are 100% accurate and payroll administration is minimized.

TimeTrax™ Time and Attendance Software Features

pay periods

Pay Period and Pay Types

Select weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly pay period. Define pay types, such as regular, overtime, double time, vacation, sick time, holiday or other.

edit time cards

Edit Time Cards

View, edit, add, delete and approve employee punches. Apply single employee or global special pay.

meal shifts

Workdays, Shifts and Meals

Designate workdays, shift details and paid or unpaid meal rules.

Export Icon

Export Payroll

Export payroll data to dozens of payroll providers, including ADP, Fidelity, PayChex Preview and QuickBooks.

rounding rules

Rounding Rules and Overtime

Select 0,5,10 or 15 minute rounding. Custom and shift rounding available with upgrade. Setup daily, weekly, consecutive 7th day or special day overtime.

Edit and Report Icon

Run Reports

Slice and dice your payroll data with 17 standard reports, including detail payroll, employee punch, hourly summary, payroll summary, time card, employee reports, and department reports.

Run payroll reports.

Gain new perspective of your time and attendance data by running reports. TimeTrax™ features 17 standard reports, including payroll, employee and department reports. Additional reports are available with Job Code upgrade.

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Scans magnetic strip card to quickly register employee punches.
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Reads RFID proximity badge to quickly record employee punches.
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Positively identifies employee and records punches.
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Eliminate overpayment. Calculate accurately. Prevent time theft.

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