What's your Savings Per Employee?

Grey Clock

Synchronized clocks can save you
mounds of money!

Imagine saving over $400 per employee every year just by using a
synchronized clock system? It’s not a far-fetched concept.
Synchronized clocks eliminate time confusion, standardize
schedules and improve employee accountability and productivity.
Maintaining accurate and consistent time throughout a facility also
keeps operations running efficiently and meetings on schedule.

Keep employees on their toes.

It happens all the time – an employee gets to work a few
minutes late, takes extended or more frequent breaks, leaves
work early, or deliberately leaves work late to rack up
overtime. Whether it’s intentional or not, you end up forking
over unearned wages.

Providing a highly visible time source throughout a facility
encourages employees to be accountable, conscientious and
punctual and eliminates costly payroll overspending.

According to the American Payroll Association, the average
employee is paid for up to 4 “unearned” hours every week!

Keep everyone on the same time.

If every clock displays a different time, there is room for
error and down time. Tardiness, idleness, disrupted
schedules and inaccurate time documentation can cost
an organization thousands of dollars each year.

Syncronized clocks help to achieve optimum
productivity and efficiency.

Save time for what matters most.

Spring Ahead and Fall Behind? Twice a year, Daylight Saving Time
sends your maintenance staff on a mission to manually reset every
clock in your facility.

These clever clocks automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time
or power outages so you can spend valuable time on more time-pressing matters.

So what’s the bottom line? Take a look at what a typical business saves simply by using a Time Clock. If you want to calculate your estimated Savings Per Employee, enter your information in the boxes below.

Labor Savings

Minutes Saved Per Day Per Employee Average Employee Hourly Wage Sample Annual Savings Per Employee Your Annual Savings Per Employee
48 $10 $2129.76 -

Sample Savings Per Employee based on Average Employee Wage of $10/HR and a 261-day work year.

Labor Maintenance Savings

Daylight Saving Time Change Minutes Saved Per Clock Average Maintenance Personnel Hourly Wage Sample Annual Savings Your Annual Savings
2 15 $20 $1020.00 -

Sample Savings Per Employee based on Average Maintenance Personnel Wage of $20/HR and 100 Clocks.

Ready to start Saving Per Employee?




Perfectly synchronize every clock using a dependable radio frequency wireless transmitter.

Use your local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) to continuously send an official time signal to every clock.

Send the same exact time to every clock using a synchronized master clock device.