Repair despair.

As time goes by, it becomes increasingly difficult
to repair an existing or "legacy" clock system.
Replacement parts are often hard to come by,
and repairs can be cost-prohibitive.

Our replacement clocks are compatible with
American, Cincinnati, Faraday, Lathem, Simplex
and Stromberg 3-wire synchronized clock systems.

Broken Clock Repair
Take it one step at a time

Don't disrupt your day to day.

Replacing an entire legacy clock system can take
weeks, even months and may require careful
planning to minimize disruption of day to day

There's a better way. Take it one clock at a time.

Easy on your budget.

Shrinking resources and budget constraints make
it exceedingly difficult to replace an entire clock

Take it slow by replacing one clock at a time, or
upgrade to newer technology with one of our
budget-friendly Synchronized Clock Starter Packs.

Easy Budget
Starter Pack Bundle

Wait a minute, why are you wasting time
restoring old technology?

Don't be a slave to old school, hard-wired slave
clocks from yesteryear. RF Wireless and Ethernet
Synchronized Clock System Starter Packs are an
easy and economical work-around to replacing old
an antiquated system.

Each Starter Pack is equipped with everything you
need to get ticking. It's the perfect fit for
retrofit and phased projects.

Let's get started.

Rf Wireless

Every clock receives time signal from
RF Wireless Transmitter.

PoE IP Network

Every clock receives power and time data from PoE Switch.

Replacement Clocks

These clocks are compatible with 3-way synchronized clock systems

RF Buildings Diagram image
RF Wireless Series
Analog, digital and digital timers.
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PoE Buildings Image
PoE IP Network Series
Analog and digital formats.
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Master Clock Building Diagram image
Replacement Clocks
Analog and digital formats.
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Replacement Clocks Guide

Replacement Clocks
made simple and smart.

So you have broken clocks and you are thinking
about replacing them. More often than not,
"legacy" clock systems are difficult to repair and
costly to replace.

Our replacement clocks make it easy and
economical to get your system back up and
ticking. Or better yet, start upgrading your
system with a Synchronized Clock Starter Pack.

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